Our organic olive oil is a certified organic product


Vallesanleonardo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born in Sicily, a territory well-known for its unique features that make our olive trees just a bit more productive of the most aromatic and flavorful olives to be found.

Our goal is to offer an organic extra virgin olive oil that is pure and unique.


The history of Vallesanleonardo olive oil is the history of traditions and old flavors.

The uses of olive oil are many. Most know how valuable olive oil is in the kitchen. It enhances any dish. No housewife would make a Bolognese sauce without fine olive oil and dipping homemade bread into a dab of olive oil is often preferred to butter.

And olive oil apart from other oils and such products is better for the consumer as well. One more unusual application for olive oil is using it to preserve Western style cowboy boots. The olive oil soaks into the weaker places beneath lizard scales and not only preserves but leaves a beautiful shine as well.

But for the finest flavors and most healthful consumption, we offer our premium varieties of Vallesanleonardo organic premium olive oils. Our traditional historic oils feature the ancient flavors of yesteryear.

Vallesanleonardo’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born in Sicily, a territory well-known for its unique features that make our olive trees just a bit more productive of the most aromatic and flavorful olives to be found.

And an important feature is that the olive trees have never been subjected to chemical treatment, pesticides or fertilizers. Situated kilometers away from many sources of pollution, i.e., airports and Industrial plants and even crops that are often treated with chemicals because, through this application, these dangerous chemical often pollute aquifers or even be carried great distances in the air.

Fortunately, the olive trees of San Leonardo grow and thrive in environmental conditions that allow the healthful production of organic extra virgin olive oil that is pure and chemical free. We can even offer it with confidence to infants.

In addition, Oil Vallesanleonardo proudly boasts features that make it so highly prized thanks to its that make it the very best.

Our olive oil boasts

  • It has less than 0.35% acidity

    Much less than most olive oils

  • ts low peroxide value, less than 10

    also indicates a pure product

  • Our olive oil has a high concentration of polyphenols

    These are antioxidants that determine the fruity aroma, spicy flavor and bitterness characteristic of the extra virgin olive oil.

  • Cold extraction

    This is a natural method that produces a higher quality product and preserves the nutritive and organoleptic characteristics.

  • High concentration of oleic acid

    The 75% and more oleic acid concentration gives the oil specific abilities to withstand the light and air, which limits the harmful oxidation phenomenon.

  • Low levels of saturated fatty acids

    These are notorious “enemies” of the cardiovascular system.

About us

cesto di olive
olio oliva sanleonardo

Our organization, Vallesanleonardo, was founded by Engineer Pietro Meccia, the original head of the production process. Later, Dr. Michele Pagano and Dr. Michelangelo Sapienza, both internists, who collaborated with the institute of Internal Medicine at the University of Palermo conducting the “Ventimiglia Heart Study” an epidemiological population research on the risk factors of Cardiovascular diseases. This he began in 1989 and continues today.

A key element in the Mediterranean diet is the production and promotion of healthful food, and that is the object of a natural continuation of the cultural and scientific interest that has always characterized the professional lives of the three professionals who oversee the production of our pure virgin olive oil.

Our mission here at Vallesanleonardo is and has always been, to build close relationships with a small number of select and highly qualified partners. By promoting our niche of a high-quality product, we focus exclusively on restaurateurs and retailers who consider the quality raw material a key pillar in their own business operation.


Nutrition declaration
Asi n° 586105

Download the olive oil official data analysis.

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